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Letra Remember

Artista Mac Miller 

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Mac Miller 
Letra de la canción Remember de Mac Miller incluida en el disco mac miller...
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(yea, yea, yea) 
[verse 1] 
I hope you're proud of me 
Dude i grew to be 
Ingenuity influenced by your eulogy 
Going through memories 
Like they were movies scenes 
I know i've been the shit 
All these people full of me 
Are you made of 
I guess i'm fooling myself too 
There's just a bunch of shit 
I wish i could tell you, but 
This life move fast, i never knew that 
Yours wouldn't have lasted 
The dirt hitting your casket, like raindrops 
I swear i'll let you know when the pain stops 
For now i need to run to to any place that the train stops 
And everybody wanna talk to me about some business shit 
Never really listening, couldn't get real interested 
My days get darker, so the haze get sparked up 
All this hate, sound the same when my name get brought up 
You had a girl, i kinda wish you knocked her up 
So i could meet your son and talk you up (talk you up) 
I remember when we were just kids 
We knew nothing at all, 
We'd talk about the life we lived 
In west virginia, 
Lost somewhere out in 
West virginia 
[verse 2] 
It's a dark science, when your friends start dying 
Like how could he go, he was part lion 
Life goes on, tears all dried in 
Couple years are goin' by, by then 
Can you please help me find my friend 
I'll give you anything you need multiplied by ten 
I heard he moved to a place where the time don't answer 
You don't need money, all you got is time to spend 
Life is short, don't ever question the length 
It's cool to cry, don't ever question your strength 
I recommend no limits, intricate thought, go 'head just give it a shot 
You'll remember shit you've forgot 
Cause way back then i didn't know shit 
And i don't know shit now 
And when the world's looking hopeless 
I'ma still hold shit down 
I remember when we were just kids 
We knew nothing at all, 
We'd talk about the life we lived 
In west virginia, 
Lost somewhere out in 
West virginia 
Remember, remember 

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