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Letra I Heart

Artista Taylor Swift 

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Taylor Swift 
Letra de la canción I Heart de Taylor Swift incluida en el disco Taylor Swift...
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Wish i had concentrated, 
They said love was complicated, 
But it's something i just fell into, 
And it was over-rated 
But just look what i've created 
I came out alive but i'm black and blue-ue 
Before you ask me if i'm alright, 
Think about what i, 
Had to do-oo, yeah 
Wake up and smell the break-up 
Fix my heart, put on my make-up 
Another mess i didn't plan, 
And i'll bet, you thought you'd beat me, 
Wish you could only see, 
I've got an i heart question mark, 
Written on the back of my hand. 
I'd be fine if you just walked by, 
But you had to talk about why, 
You were wrong and i was right, 
But i can't believe you made me, 
Sit at home and cry like a baby, 
Wait right by the phone every night, 
And now you ask about you and i, 
There's no you and i, 
Remember what you put me through, 
I had to, 
Wake up and smell the break-up, 
Fix my heart put on my make-up, 
Another mess i didn't plan, 
And i'll bet, you thought you'd beat me 
I wish you'd could only see 
I got an i heart question mark, 
Written on the back of my hand 
And when you're home alone at night, 
You'll still wonder 
Why you took everything i had, oh baby 
I had a lot about you and i, 
There's no you and i, 
And i know, 
Someday you will... 
Wake up and smell the break-up, 
Realize that we won't make-up 
It didn't go the way you planed, 
And you'll know you didn't beat me, 
When you look down and see, 
I've got an i heart question mark 
Written on the back of my hand, 
Written on the back of my hand 
An i heart question mark, yeah 
Written on the back of my hand 
I heart ? 

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